Home Health Documentation Templates

Home Health Documentation Templates

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The average therapist spends 1 to 2 hours a day writing documentation.

It’s the worst part of being a PT or OT.

By the end of the day, your brain is tired and it’s difficult to put into words the skilled treatment you just spent the entire day performing.

Enter Home Health Documentation Templates

These well-crafted documentation phrases save you time by providing you with inspiration on how to phrase the skill you provide to your patients.

You can copy and paste directly from the PDF, and modify the phrases to fit your documentation style and to reflect the skilled treatment you've provided.

These templates provide you with real assessment phrases and paragraphs used in actual home health therapy documentation. Of course, you should always provide accurate documentation based on the skill you provided.

These templates simply give you the creative flow that you may be lacking at the end of a long day treating patients.

You can spend an extra 30 minutes a day typing similar assessments over and over. Or you can modify these templates to create a time-saving system for documenting your skilled treatment.

What's Included:

  • Initial Evaluation Summary Example
  • Physician Verbal Order Examples and Script Template
  • Objective Measurement Handout
  • Daily Note Assessment & Documentation of Treatment
  • Progress Note Statements on Goals
  • Discharge Summary Examples
  • Goal Setting Template and Examples
  • Sample Exercise Treatment Statements
  • 12 pages of time saving documentation examples

These templates are a must have for new grads or current therapists who want to save time so they can enjoy their life outside of the clinic.

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